Large Water Tanks

10th January 2011


Allcast Precast concrete water tanks are manufactured to a high standard. Due to today’s climate and water restrictions many people are opting for large capacity water storage tanks. These tanks are designed for residential, rural and commercial situations. Our commercial heavy duty concrete tanks can be manifolded for water retention/ detention and fire fighting storage (see commercial gallery). Fittings, tank heights and lids can be customised to your needs.

We can provide squat tanks which are ideal for high water table or rocky areas with difficult excavation as well as multiple connecting tanks for large commercial developments. Allcast Precast also manufacture a heavy duty 23,000 Litre (5,100 gln) concrete tank that is suitable for above ground and retaining situations.

Trafficable Lids

10th January 2011


Allcast Precast manufactures a heavy duty trafficable lid which has a 2.0 tonne point load capacity. These lids can be placed on top of any of our water tanks providing you with an ‘out of sight, out of mind option’. These underground concrete water tanks can then be placed below gardens, driveways and garage slabs where only an access cover is visible.

By speaking to one of our staff members we can advise you on the selection of lids, risers and covers suitable for your specific application.

Septic Tanks

10th January 2011


Allcast Precast concrete septic tanks comply with AS/NZS 1546.1/2008 and are tested regularly by SAI Global. Our straight concrete septic tanks come standard with inlet and outlet baffle and the lids have inspection openings and access covers. Local council guidelines must be followed when deciding on your septic requirements.

We also manufacture a range of concrete collection wells, pump out chambers, distribution boxes and can supply units with recommended filters.


Treatment Systems

10th January 2011

Allcast Precast manufactures a number of concrete waste water treatment systems for waste water companies. Our systems are manufactured with a 7000Lt concrete shell and range from a secondary treatment level right through to advance secondary with nutrient reduction. The benefit of using a single concrete tank system is that only one concrete tank is required instead of a twin tank system that other manufacturers provide and the excavated area is kept to a minimum.

By installing a waste water treatment system this enables the household to reduce its water consumption by recycling waste water for irrigation purposes. Waste water from your bathroom, laundry and kitchen is treated through a series of processes within the concrete tank and clean water is pumped out onto your designated irrigated area. All systems are tested and accredited by the department of Natural Resources in Queensland.


Other Products

10th January 2011


Allcast Precast is not limited to providing concrete water, septic and treatment tanks. Our concrete tanks can be converted into wine cellars, storage units, plunge pools and underground bunkers. We can provide our clients with the custom requirements needed for any application.

Allcast Precast also stock a range of accessories including pumps, automatic rainwater controller, Queensland approved strainers, lockable covers, cast iron covers, concrete pavers and anti floatation bars. If we don’t have it we can source it for you.

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18th February 2015



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